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Key Findings and Webinars

Webinar Description: College students with mental health disabilities face discriminatory policies and practices and are often left out of conversations about campus mental health. Mental Health America, the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, and the University of Pittsburgh have been working with students and experts to identify what matters most to students and how to advance those priorities through research and changes in policy and practice.

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Lay Summary:
Campus Mental Health Convening: Psychiatric Disability, Equity, Inclusion, & Support on Campus

Out of respect for the privacy of personal information shared during our national convening on campus mental health disabilities, we are not offering public access to the recordings. We invite you to read the lay summary for key insights and takeaways from the event by clicking below.

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Issue Briefs- Coming Soon

Our issue briefs provide overviews of issues and solutions across our three core focus areas based on student and other stakeholder perspectives shared throughout our project. 

  1. Accommodations

  2. Crisis Response

  3. (Re)integration

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Final Report-Coming Soon

Our comprehensive report presents a detailed methodology, research recommendations, and considerations for future exploration. This report was developed in response to the insights gathered during our October 4 convening, where the need for a consensus-driven approach was identified. It highlights the collective call from student workgroup members and convening participants for racial equity and progressive change in campus interventions. Notably, the proposed programs and interventions extend beyond the scope of comparative effectiveness research.

Working Together
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